Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moving Day

The big moving day finally arrived. Jenny O'Donnell reports in words and pics.
 After two weeks of concerted effort by Georgia, Jenny, Kerrie and Vicki of packing up all the NS thangkas, images, library, office, tools, practice materials, including the large drum, and even the front gate sign, the removalists arrived on Monday 19th October.  The shrine, bookshelves and wooden table were dismantled and wrapped in felt blankets before loading into a small truck with all our boxes.  It took two trips down our driveway to reload into the large interstate removalist truck waiting at Tilba Tilba.  After three and a half hours, the final truck load (with the Longsal poles hanging out the back) left NS for NN.  Expected arrival date is Thursday 22 Oct.  

For the number of local practitioners who have for many years, lived close to the gar and been responsible for  keeping it running, this moving day is is filled with many emotions. In this spirit our secretary Viki has penned this poem.

Ode to Namgyalgar South

over many years
weaving a rich, colourful tapestry of connectedness
gradually growing our big vajra family
through collective practice and karma yoga
sharing meals and stories, laughter and tears
gathering in the spirit of collaboration
to create a beautiful Gar on Gulaga Mountain
like an exquisite sand mandala
fashioned by many hands, hearts and minds
now dissolving and blowing away
on the winds of change
challenging us to accept and integrate
the experience of Impermanence
in a non-dual way
beyond pain and pleasure and fear

in the Vajra and Samaya we remain
connected in the Transmission
with our beloved Master
and with each other

by Viki Forscutt 

Photos by Jenny O'Donnell

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  1. What a lovely poem.....a sad moment but what a beautiful space we have created for the new owners and so many thanks to those who created this lovely Gar, cared for it and now have dissolved it. Ann Pickering