Saturday, April 18, 2015

Explore your Creative Spirit this winter

When weather turns cold and winter fires start to crackle, it is a perfect time for going within to ignite your creativity. This chilly season three artists bring their creative skills together at Namgyalgar South Retreat Centre, nestled on the southern slopes of Mt Gulaga near Central Tilba, in Southern NSW. 

Painter Glenda Morgan, writer Jan Cornall and movement artist Suze Smith will add meditation to the creative mix when they lead their weekend retreats for residential or daily participants. 

In between delicious food, warm fires, envigorating walks, meditation and movement sessions, there will be a chance to play with colour and line, movement and dance, poetry and sensual story telling.  

Evenings will be filled with stimulating discussions, performance soirees, video talks, laughter and hot-water-bottle dreaming. It’s a mid winter opportunity to spend a long weekend with like-minded spirits in a winter green mountain hermitage and to keep the creative conversation going long after you return home. 

Three weekends are planned: in May, Sensing Creativity, an art retreat using meditation to take you into creative drawing, Creative Spirit, in June, a long weekend exploring writing, painting and meditation and Stillness and Movement, in July, a weekend exploring the mind body connection through somatic movement and dance improv. 

 Your workshop leaders, all members of the Dzogchen Community (following the teachings of Tibetan Master Chogyal Namkai Norbu),  have been practicing meditation for many years and are well established in their own artistic practice.

Glenda Morgan has been painting and exhibiting for 25 years and has taught drawing, printmaking and design at Universities and art schools in Sydney. She is a certified instructor in Qigong and Tai Chi.

Jan Cornall is a published writer who has written plays, screenplays, musicals, a novel, short stories, travel articles and songs.  She has an MA in Cultural and Creative Practice, has taught writing at universities in Australia and Indonesia and leads international writing and creativity retreats. 

Suze Smith is a contemporary theatre maker and somatic movement teacher. She is a dance artist, writer, director and lighting designer. Her theatre making practice is informed by her ongoing study of post modern dance and improvisation, embodied anatomy and Body-Mind Centering®.  

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