Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Northern Gar News

Namgyalgar is the regional centre for the teachings of Dzogchen master, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, serving Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. There are community groups in regional centres of Australia, NZ and New Caledonia with a ling (Tib-place), Samyasling in Melbourne two gars (Tib.gar - nomad encampment) Namgylagar South, at Tilba, Tilba, NSW and Namgyalgar North in the Glasshouse Mts in QLD. Namg South was established in 1994 while the recently purchased property below houses Namg North. Namg North held its first large retreat with Chogyal Namkhai Norbu last March.

Prayer flags in the tropics.

Namgyalgar North, formerly a farm, has a large house, sheds and disused hydroponic structures. At a recent retreat with Elio Guarsico, Gakyil member Maree Ploetz took retreatants on a walk around the land show where building development will take place when planning permissions have been approved.

Heading uphill for the view of the Glasshouse Mts.
Clicke here for images of surrounding panorama of the Glasshouse Mountains.

The centre of the proposed gonpa with sacred objects conscecrated by CHNN already buried.
Maree explains the size of the gonpa (one of the four visible mountains from this spot in the background).
Local guardians must be appeased
Pretty faced wallabies guard the site of the proposed cinerarium.

The old hydroponic sheds will be replaced by seven retreat cabins.

Detailed plans have been drawn up to include dorms, kitchen, common room and dance mandala area. Regional communities can fundraise to purchase a dorm bed for their members use.
New prayer flags mark the border of the carpark
Old prayer flags remind us how quickly time passes.
Tropical garden surrounds the gekod house.
Machinery shed perfectly converted to house the dance mandala.
Cool mornings, warm afternoons with Elio in the gonpa next door to the dance mandala.
Plenty of space in the gonpa for all.
Cosimo and Sam cooking Elio's lunch on the patio barbeque.
One of the sentinels, Mt Tibrogaran, watching over Namgyalgar North

Come on down (or up or sideways) to help build the new Northern Gar in the southern hemisphere!

This blog, authored by Jan Cornall, is not an official blog of the Dzogchen Community.
For info re The Dzogchen Community of Namgyalgar go here.

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